My name is Evgenia and I was born in Irkutsk, Russia in 1988. As I remember me, I was always obsessed with music, starting from kindergarten, when I was trying all the time get closest sit to the piano on music class. From that time I started to have this big dream of mine to be a professional pianist and composer.  I see through the time of my life that I always had this passion and deep understanding for music, especially for piano.  I started to play piano from 9 y.o. I went to local Music School for 7 years. After High school I got my degree in Linguistic and Translation in Irkutsk State Linguistic University.

     While I was studying there I got my education in Irkutsk State Pedagogic University (Music department) and Irkutsk Frederic Chopin College of Music. During that time I started to give private piano lessons. I moved to the US, Atlanta, GA in 2012. From that year I started to give piano lessons in Atlanta area. I worked in Russian Music School #1 as piano teacher and vocal instructor. I also joined the Atlanta Balalaika Society Orchestra in 2014 and started to play balalaika and sing.

      Besides playing piano my biggest passion is to compose music. When I was in Russia I did take part in competition in music composition several times and my music was published in local music magazines. Right now I'm compose and perform music for two local bands. My music was on local radio and in movies.



You can listen some of my music using this link, including my new released EP:


I love sharing my passion in music! Just moved

to San Francisco, CA I continue to play,

compose and perform

on piano and other instruments.